EasyBox – Fluorescent lamp disposal

Easypak Box | Safe Fluorescent Lamp Storage Solution For Recycling

A compliant, all-in-one solution for interim storage that comes with Vapour-proof sleeve to prevent environment contamination and can be tailored with Bulk Recycling  of ALL your spent lamps & batteries!

How We Work:
Its Easy:
Request a quote to schedule a collection by calling 08600CRUSH (27874) today!

  • Pricing depends on your facility location and quantity of lamps picked up.
  • Our team will co- ordinate a pick up date that works best for you.
  • Where ever you are, we will tailor a solution to insure all your spent lamps & batteries are Collected and Recycled according to Government Regulation so that you are compliant at all times.
  • Once Recycled, you will receive a Recycling Certificate, for your Audit purposes.

Schedule your collection by calling 08600CRUSH today!