LampSafe – Hazardous waste containers

LampSafe | Hazardous waste containers

The LampSafe is for the safe storage of potentially hazard waste, 

           ✓    Can hold up to 200 x 5 ft fluorescent tubes.

           ✓  Purpose built and designed to safeguard employees from injury and the exposure to mercury vapour. 

           ✓   The lightweight lid allows for easy insertion of the fluorescent tubes into the body of the container.

          ✓   Two lockable clasps are located on the lid and when in use prevent unauthorized access.

          ✓    The one piece stress free body of the product is sealed to prevent the possibility of a leakage.

          ✓    The design of the unit allows it to be lifted vertically to pass through tight doorways and corridors.

          ✓    With the LampSafe  you are getting the safest and most compliant storage system available in South Africa today.